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the awkward:
-waking up from strange dreams and getting mad at b. we were buying some empty store. i wanted to turn it into a boutique/consignment store, but he turned it into a hardware store/diner instead. uh, rude. except in the dream, he was luke danes (plaid shirt, hat, and all!) and i was lorelai gilmore. weird.
-my ethics class + professor. enough said.
-finally figuring out that i had been carrying around an old, vintage, bulky camera in my backpack for a week. duh, that’s why my bag was so heavy with one notebook. (on a side note: yard sales with antique cameras are the best)
-running to the bus stop. or attempting to run. everyone knows it’s basically impossible to run when 1: it’s super, stinking, freezing cold. 2: your layers weigh more than you do and 3: you don’t want to drop your delicious sucker.

the scary:
-getting pulled over for the first time in my entire twenty years of existence. pretty dang sure my hands have never shaken so hard.

the awesome:
-finally, finally, finally getting our new, beautiful car. i feel pretty dang cool driving it. pictures to come one day.
-usher’s voice in this song. i never knew usher could sing a decent song.
-not getting a ticket during above stated incident. officer just couldn’t see the temporary license. whew!
-cute hair + cute outfits two days in a row. a miracle has occurred! hubs was quite surprised.
-costa vida new location opening right by mi casa! goodbye cooking, hello wonderful dinners. (ha, like i ever cook. this will definitely be an improvement!)


  1. Eeeek! I know, getting pulled over makes me so freaked out! We got pulled over just a few days ago... for a backlight out.. sigh. No ticket but we have to drive way back to that far away town to prove that we got it fixed! Bummer.

  2. Love the Gilmore Girls reference.

  3. haha! you are TOO fun, girlfriend! I just turned twenty and haven't been pulled over, but i think i would be the same way except i think i would go ahead and faint. :)

  4. Every post I read of yours, I smile, laugh, and can picture you in every instance. So glad life is so much fun, in spite of the awkward and scary moments. ps I got pulled over in July - no ticket - just show the paperwork and go kind of stop - and I still shake like crazy! What is it about police officers?? Love ya, mama

  5. never knew usher could sing a decent song?! are we talking about the same usher?!!!

  6. ha! the "hubs was quite surprised" and "you don't drop your delicious sucker" stuff has me smiling

  7. Getting pulled over is the worst. I've been there maybe six times but have gotten out of it every time! Yay us!

  8. psycho Ethics teacher!!!!! I think she could go in the scary category as well! Your blog is adorable by the way. :)

  9. luke daines....ha ha crack me up. let's craft and watch gg, it will be a riot. i'll bring the cookies.