and this is how we celebrate

coldstone (for freeeeee! thank you gift card) + new phone for the hubs + some forever 21 + immediately crawling into sweats when we get home = a wonderful final-less thursday night.

IMG_6635 copy

 IMG_6626 copyIMG_6627 copy

 IMG_6636 copy

IMG_6629 copy IMG_6631 copy

IMG_6637 copy


  1. y'all are too funny!! i am so happy for you!!!!

  2. Brian looks like a kid at Christmas with his new phone and you look like a kid at Christmas with the best dessert ever. Love you two. So glad you can have so much fun, celebrating is a good thing!!

  3. y'all know how to celebrate right...yummy looking ice cream, shopping and time together.<3

  4. You and your hubby are so perfect! I just love you two!


  5. Being done with finals is just the best feeling ever! I'm so happy I never have to do that again.

    I just stumbled upon your blog and you and your hubby sure are adorable. Glad I found you!

    --Kylee Noelle

  6. I just found your blog and I have fallen in LOVE. You guys are adorable, your photography is incredible. I'm obsessed.
    Also, congrats on being done with finals. :)

  7. Such cute pics =-) And I kind of love your blog!

  8. love it!!! cold stone is AMAZING! haha i remember when Jill and Dave used to take us there ALL THE TIME! hahaha (that was wayyy back when) ;)
    p.s. just a little jealous of your finals-being-over-ness :D