a weekend away

as a wedding gift, our friends ryan, erica, and armstrong gave us a night away at the anniversary inn in logan. our room was to die for awesome. we had a blast in the little town of logan, eating chinese food, enjoying a room that was double the size of our entire apartment (holy, holy, i forgot what it’s like to not run into coffee tables and walls!), drinking complimentary sparkling cider in the jetted tub along with a carton of ben & jerry’s and complimentary cheesecake (mmmm), and visiting the logan temple (beautiful). the weekend was definitely a success and a nice little getaway. :)

IMG_8023 copy  

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  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend. We stayed at the Anniversary Inn in salt lake. It's such a fun place to stay. By the way your yellow scarf is so cute. Where on earth did you get it??

  2. You and Brian are wayy cute. It makes me giddy for kyle to come home so I can marry him and live in married bliss like you :) Even tho i dont think I'll be even close as cute as you are.

  3. Lucky you! My brother and his wife paid for us to stay in a really nice hotel on our wedding night as their gift to us. It was great! :)

  4. How fun! You have to plan a few mini-getaways like this every year. It's good for married life...especially when you have kids! (and then you can come party down here together while we grand-kid sit...ohhh that sounds so weird!) Love the pictures. You look gorgeous and glowing. And you sure picked a handsome man! Love you both. xoxoxoxoxo mama

  5. i am liking the way you did your scarf. must try when it gets cold down here! hahahahahah!