Making the Most of Winter


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When it comes to winter, there’s no one in this household that loves it more than Ellie. In fact, she may be the only one that loves this cold season, haha. Her eyes light up at the first sign of snow and hats and gloves are her favorite accessories. I have to admit, seeing her so giddy makes the season magical, despite that fact that she does throw snowballs atop my head. (She’s got good aim!)


While I’m more of a curl up inside and stay warm type, I’ve decided to brave the cold this winter! Well, at least until January. ;) Might as well make the most of it, right? We came up with a winter bucket list and truth be told, I’m actually excited about it. And Ellie? She’s going to be thrilled. Perhaps I’ll come around to winter after all? Yeah, probably not, but fake it till you make it, right?

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Winter Bucket List:

  • Build a Snowman
    Let’s face it, this snowman’s name with most likely be “Olaf” and will be followed by several verses of “Do you want to build a snowman?” ;)
  • Decorate Christmas Tree
    Done and done! We decorated the cutest Christmas tree for family night last night and Ellie was giddy beyond belief. Mission accomplished!
  • Go Ice Skating
    When I was six, I dreamed of being a professional ice skater. I came pretty close (I can skate on one leg and spin once around, that’s pretty professional, right? Ha!) but I seriously love it. I can’t wait to take E!
  • See lights at Temple Square
    The rest of Utah will probably be there too, but man oh man, do I love that temple. The treats at Kneaders aren’t too shabby either ;)
  • Bake Christmas Cookies
    I feel like this one is a no brainer.


  • Paint Pinecones
    Ellie has been begging to paint pinecones, so while my sister Erin was babysitting, they painted some together. Now I want to hang them up as ornaments on our tree!
  • Donate Old Toys
    I always feel the need to clean out our playroom before Christmas morning
  • Build a Fort
    With twinkle lights and s’mores, please
  • Make Paper Snowflakes
    I’ve got a preschooler who loves to use scissors (and needs something to cut besides her hair :/ only happened once, knock on wood!)
  • Go Christmas Shopping
    After our experience at the checkout line a few days ago (yup, I was that mom with those kids), I think I’m sticking to online shopping for the rest of my Christmas list! I found the CUTEST children’s clothing boutique, and Ellie’s pink owl shirt? Her new favorite (which is saying a lot for a kid that prefers to run around without clothes!) I’m headed back to Little Skye Kids’ Boutique Clothing to check off the rest of my list!

    Paper Wings for Little Skye and Blu Pony Vintage for Little Skye purchases through 12/15/2015 receive Free Shipping & a $25 gift card valid on future purchases for every $100 spent when you use code BLGLS2015.

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  • Mail Christmas Cards
    And preferably before New Years… ;)
  • Read the Christmas Story
    And perhaps act it out on Christmas eve too? It’s tradition!
  • Go Sledding
    Ellie has her sled waiting by our garage door. As soon as there’s enough snow on our big hill, we’re headed down!
  • Make Handprint Ornaments
    I just pulled out Ellie’s tiny baby handprint ornament, cue the mushy gushy mom moment!
  • Watch the Nutcracker
    Thanks to Daniel Tiger, Ellie is obsessed with the Nutcracker.
  • Write a letter to Santa
    Ellie’s letter to Santa (shown below) states that she has been a “very good girl this year.” That same Santa letter is now covered in perfectly shaped handprints…chocolate handprints. Don’t ask. ;)


Here’s to a magical winter! What’s on your winter bucket list?

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Baby It’s Cold Outside! Christmas Party + Printables


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Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (3)

Happy Monday, my friends! I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was amazing! We just returned from celebrating down south in the sunshine. There’s nothing like that St. George sun, even if it was a wee bit chilly outside. ;) I have about a million more photos to share of our weekend, but I’m going to get a bit ahead of myself here because…CHRISTMAS! Ah! Since we had everyone together for the weekend, we were all so excited to pick out a tree! There has never once been a fake tree in the Call household (nor will there ever be, I assume!) so we found ourselves a real nice looking tree, strapped it to the roof of the car, and brought it to my parent’s home. On one of our last nights together, we had a little hot chocolate / s’mores / tree decorating party. Christmas music blasting through the speakers, chocolate a plenty, what could be better? Ellie thought it was the best thing ever. I have a little video coming soon, but I just wanted to share a few details of our little family party (and a printable or two below!!)

Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (2)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (24)

I’m all about the plaid this season, so these hot cocoa wrappers were my favorite to make! (See instructions and printable below!)

Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (9)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (4)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (36)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (6)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (39)

It’s not a party without chocolate! (And graham crackers and marshmallows and donuts, of course)

Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (29)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (5)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (30)

Marshmallows! My love for these things run deep. Also, the extra ones may or may not have ended up in a slight marshmallow war at the end of the night. ;)

Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (34)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (26)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (33)

These hot cocoa cups were my favorite to make! And SUPER easy too! I found these adorable cups with lids at Walmart, along with Scotch® Expressions Tape, and Scotch® Double Sided Tape. I printed out the plaid wrappers, cut them down to size, then used the double sided tape to stick them to the cup. (I recommend not printing on super heavy cardstock, so the paper will curl around the cup easier!)

Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (17)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (18)

I needed a few more easy + colorful decorations, so I made a few toothpick flags. Using red and gold Scotch® Expressions Tape, I folded a piece over the toothpick, cut out a little triangle, and voila! Easiest. Thing. Ever. ;)

Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (19)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (20)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (21)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (7)

Last minute, I also added a few more pieces of tape to the vases and cake stand. I loved the extra added pop of color and how simple it was to spruce up the table.

Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (38)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (44)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (47)

I wish I had taken more photos of our tree decorating (I took a lot of video instead), but we seriously had such a great time together. It’s been a long time since we’ve had everyone decorating the tree! And, please note our traditional Santa hats. It’s not a party at the Call house without them! ;)

Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (46)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (48)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (49)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (50)Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (51)scotch 2scotchHot Chocolate Christmas Party (23)
All Scotch® Brand products can be found at Walmart in the scrapbooking and/or office supply aisles.

Want to throw your own Hot Chocolate & S’more’s party? You can download the free printables HERE!
Printables include: hot cocoa cup wrapper, s’more fixings tag, 11x14 print, (2) 4x6 prints.
Copyright Alexa Zurcher. For personal use only. Please do not edit, change, resell, or distribute in any way. XO

Hot Chocolate Christmas Party (41)

Hope you have a wonderful Monday, my friends! Treat yourself to a s’more, you deserve it! P.S. I am so thankful for YOU! I feel like we should all be real life friends. ;) I know, it sounds sappy, but it’s true. Thanks for following along here on our blog and letting us share our little family life with you. If I could give you all hugs, I would! XO

Black Friday Sale!


IMG_4632_1 copy

Well, hello again! It’s been a little silent on the blog this week. We’ve been down south for a sunny Thanksgiving weekend and we’ve been enjoying every minute of it! We opted out of Black Friday shopping (in store at least! Online all the way - Ha!) and we’ve been hanging out with the fam. I have a bunch of photos (and maybe a video!) to share next week, but I just wanted to check in today and say HI! And also let you know, if you haven’t seen it on instagram, that we’re having our biggest sale of the year! 35% off your entire order at Alexa Z Design TODAY only! Just use code “BLACKFRIDAY35.” Hope you’re enjoying your weekend my friends! Until next week! xo

IMG_6133IMG_6112Alexa Z Design Etsy Shop (49) copy

Three Ways to Display Your Instagram Photos


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Display Instagram Photos (9) copy

Hi, I’m Alexa and I’m a compulsive photo taker.

Ha! But seriously, I have a bit of a problem. About every six months or so, I’ll go to download an app on my phone, only to find the “out of storage” error message blaring on the screen. My phone is literally filled to the brim with thousands and thousands of photos. True story. Usually I dump them on my hard drive and continue taking hundreds of photos a month without ever doing anything with the previous files. A few days ago, I couldn’t receive any messages due to the excessive photos taking up room on my phone, so I decided that this time around, I’d actually print out a few before I stored them away. You know, instead of letting them sit in the black hole called my hard drive. Ha!

Usually I’m a bit lazy when it comes to actually printing out photos. You know, the whole pick out the photo / wait for them to upload / and actually leave the house to pick them up excuse. Hashtag lazy. ;) This time, I just printed out a few photos straight from my phone - no waiting for slow uploads or changing out of my yoga pants. Fist pump! So without further ado, here are three different ways that I displayed my favorite instagram photos around our home:


Framed Collage

Display Instagram Photos (8)Display Instagram Photos (7) copy

Using a simple collage app, I put together a few of my favorite, bright photos of the two girls. I printed it out on a 8.5x11 photo sheet,then trimmed down the sides and put it in a large frame.  I love the excess matting and the simple, bright whites! I have this one hanging in our living room and I love it!



Display Instagram Photos (4)Display Instagram Photos (5)Display Instagram Photos (15)Display Instagram Photos (16)

Ellie loves sending mail. She sees me package up prints every week, so she loves when she can add something to our mail pile, too! We printed out a few fun photos of Miss E on photo paper, then glued the same size cardstock to the back. She got to color a special message and send them out. A super easy, entertaining craft AND makes grandma’s happy :)


Photo Banner

Display Instagram Photos (6)Display Instagram Photos (14)

I’m a fan of any type of banner, but I think photo banners have the biggest place in my heart. Our guest room walls were looking a little lonely (read: completely blank!) so I printed out a few of my favorite instagram photos on 5x7 photo paper, trimmed them down to 5x5 and hung them on twine with mini clothespins. Ellie loves looking at each and every photo and I love the color they add to the walls!


Display Instagram Photos (1) copyprinter


I printed all my photos straight from my phone using the HP Envy 4512 All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner and HP photo paper. This printer makes is SO easy to print straight from my phone, no hassle! I found my printer at Walmart and its seriously perfect for printing out last minute Christmas cards, printables, and photos galore!

Display Instagram Photos (12)

I’m hoping that now that I’ve updated my walls with photos, I’ll continue to switch them out, instead of having them collecting dust deep in my hard drive. Ha! New Years Resolution maybe? ;) How do you print & display all your phone photos?

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