No Heat Curls for an Easy Morning

no heat curls_1 
Easy morning routine? Is that possible!? After having Ellie, I wasn’t quite sure. How in the world does a mom get ready with a toddler hanging onto their legs, climbing atop furniture while they’re in the shower, and causing other mischief. ;) I’ve had to shorten my routine (and shower!) slightly since Ellie came along and just found the perfect solution for easy, no heat curls. And when I say easy, I mean oh so easy! Meet Savvy Curls.

savvy curls band

I was recently introduced to Savvy Curls through a friend and she sent me one to try. I really wasn’t sure it would work. I’ve tried other headbands as curling methods before, but my curls came out all kinked and uneven. After watching a few videos tutorials and seeing various testimonials, I decided I better try it out. The Savvy Curls headband is filled with a little bit of foam padding, making the headband round that eliminates the problems I had before. No need to use a curling iron for beautiful, bouncy curls.

before and after savvy curls

To get these easy curls, I simply let my hair air dry after getting out of the shower.  (For a faster morning, I would do this all the night before and then wake up with my hair all done in the morning!) With a few spots still damp, I placed the Savvy Curls headband over my hair, and started wrapping small sections of my hair around the band, pulled it through, then continued wrapping all the way around.

savvy curls (2)savvy curls (3)

After all my hair was pulled up, I left it for a few hours. (For tighter curls, you’ll want to leave it in for longer – like overnight! For loose curls, two or so hours will do)
savvy curls (12)

After a few hours had passed (and a toddler had been chased and a few household chores had been done), I pulled out the band. A quick run through with my fingers and the curls were good to go!
savvy curls (13)

Besides providing super easy curls and more time to chase Ellie around in the morning, I loved that I wasn’t worried about damaging my hair with the heat of a curling iron. Hooray for easy morning hair routines! Want to try one out too?! Savvy Curls is giving away one band to one lucky reader! (You’re going to love it!) You can enter via the Rafflecopter below. If you don’t win the giveaway (or just can’t wait to try it out), you can recieve $2 off your order with code savvyc1. Good luck!


I Love to See the Temple

IMG_8813IMG_8815IMG_8847 IMG_8842

For part of our Family Home Evening on Monday evening, we headed to the temple. Hooray for spring weather that’s perfect for adventures! Ellie adores the temple and it was the perfect spot to have a quick little lesson about the importance of the temple. (“Lesson” might be stretching it. It was more like a one minute chat to hold the attention of a two year old!) I’m so grateful that we live so close to a temple (actually, quite a few temples!) and that our little, growing family can be together forever.


Life Lately

 IMG_8737 IMG_8740 IMG_8763  IMG_8777  IMG_8767IMG_8793
Sunday Family Photos via the tripod ;)

Life as of late:

-We’re officially counting down – 1 month to my brother returning from his mission and 3 months till baby! Wahoo!

-Ok, 3 months still sounds like a long time when I actually type it, but this pregnancy has gone by so fast. Considering how much we have planned over the next few months, I’m certain it will fly by!

-Attempting the dentist for the second time today. A few weeks ago when we were there, Ellie refused to sit in the chair and open her mouth. Ha! Wish us luck this time around.

-This spring weather makes my heart sing! Sounds super cheesy, but it’s true. Wearing sandals never felt so good!

-While my in-laws were here they bought us FISH! And Ellie is happy to report that said fish, Anna and Elsa, are still alive (miraculous!)


Interview With a Two Year Old



We’re back! We were awfully quiet on the blog and other social media sites last week. Partly because I had a broken phone, partly because I took on a lot of projects this month, and partly because it was nice to have a break. A nice, refreshing, quiet break! But, we’re back! Can’t get rid of us for too long! ;)

Last week, Ellie woke up in a terrific mood (she slept until 9:40!!!!!) and it was the perfect morning to do a little “interview” with her. I’ve tried to do one with her previously but apparently right before naptime is the wrong time to ask questions. ;) We made a little video - which she thinks is hilarious and watches over and over again. I was dying at some of her answers, like her random name for baby sis (thank you, Daniel Tiger!), her counting to ten, and her favorite color of the day! Ha! You can watch it below.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday! XO


A Garden Adventure

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Tree Top, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #TreeTopInc #raisinggoodapples http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Thanksgiving Point Gardens (1)

With our New York visitors in town for the past week or so, we knew we had to take them to one of our favorite places here in Utah. Thanksgiving Point Gardens is always on our list to hit up in the spring and it didn’t disappoint! Tulips, blossoms, and color galore! We packed up the car with the stroller and snacks for a gorgeous afternoon.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens (20)Thanksgiving Point Gardens (22)

Grandpa and Grandma let Ellie feed the fish (good practice for feeding her new pets at home! ;)

Thanksgiving Point Gardens (4)

Could this be my backyard, please? If only I could keep plants alive for longer than a week. ;)
Thanksgiving Point Gardens (8)

“I’m ready for an a-venture!” Ellie exclaimed after putting on her shoes. I believe she also made up an “a-venture” song too ;) This girl.
Thanksgiving Point Gardens (15)
Thanksgiving Point Gardens (23)
Thanksgiving Point Gardens (28)Thanksgiving Point Gardens (29)

Someone is becoming quite the daddy’s girl these days and it melts my heart! These two are quite the pair.
Tree top applesauce snack

No outing is complete without snacks, especially with this pregnant, hungry mama! We packed up a few Tree Top Applesauce pouches for a quick, easy (and no mess!) snack on the go. Not to mention, they’re insanely delicious (and on my list of current pregnancy cravings! ;)
Tree Top Applesauce

Located in the heart of Washington’s apple country, Tree Top is a grower-owned co-op, deeply rooted in the communities where we work and live. For more than 50 years, Tree Top has been a trusted brand dedicated to delivering top-quality products and premium ingredients such as juices, smoothies and sauces.
Tree top applesauce easy snack

We picked up our pouches at our local Macey’s and will be headed back for more this week! In effort to bring awareness to “Raising Good Apples”, Tree Top is partnering with the National Gardening Association’s KidsGardening.org to help educate kids on gardening. For every box of Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches purchased through 5/31 Tree Top will donate $1 to help KidsGardening.org to help build and grow youth gardens.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens (27)Thanksgiving Point Gardens (41)

We stopped to smell all the flowers, chase the birds, and play in the dirt for a bit, too. :) It was the perfect spring outing!
Thanksgiving Point Gardens (42)

Tree Top has graciously offered to give away a darling Kid’s Gardening Kit to one lucky reader! The kit consists of: “My Gardening Journal”, Red Tubrug pail, kids gardening gloves, watering can, soft touch hand tool set, favorite five sprouting seeds, and of course, some delicious Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches. Giveaway runs from 4/13-4/20. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me about your favorite springtime activity. XO
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