DIY “Hello” Doormat

DIY Doormat and DIY Welcome mat

Every afternoon at four o’clock, you can find Ellie and me on the front porch. It seems to be the time when she starts to get cranky and I’m really wishing Brian was getting home soon. Popsicles are magic at four o’clock!

DIY Doormat and DIY Welcome mat

On one of those said afternoons, I kept looking at our dingy doormat. After a year of lawn trimmings, storms, and windy nights, our front mat was looking a little worse for wear. The corner looked like it had been chewed off and it was ripped in three different places. Which is too bad, because it used to be so cute! Of course, it still worked as a mat, so I wasn’t about to get rid of it. I just needed to find some way to make it look…prettier.

DIY Doormat and DIY Welcome mat

Spray paint seems to be my best friend these days, so  I decided to test a little on our poor little mat. I had just pinned this doormat on Pinterest and loved the look of it. Thankfully, we almost always have spray paint lying around, so Ellie and I got to work. We covered the whole mat in this teal blue paint and let dry for about twenty minutes.

DIY Doormat and DIY Welcome mat

Then I took out some white acrylic paint and a brush to paint on the “Hello.” Again, let dry for at least 30 minutes. Voila! A new mat in a matter of minutes. 

DIY Hello Doormat with spraypaint

A new coat of paint and our front porch is looking better than ever. Well, minus the pot of dead plants. I really need to get a green thumb! ;)

DIY Hello Doormat with spraypaint


Happy Sunday!

Never forget

Taken from one of my favorite messages from Dieter F. Uchtdorf. You can find the rest of the message here.


Happy Playlist

Happy Playlistmama and babypretty pink rosesthanksgiving pointhappy dancing music
photos taken at Thanksgiving Point

Happy Friday eve! Happy (almost) weekend! I’m just stopping in for a quick minute to share my favorite happy songs with you. Ellie and I LOVE to dance and this is one of our favorite playlists to accompany our silly moves. It’s happy and upbeat, just the way we like it. And while I’m not much of a dancer, this little could care less as long as we’re twirling. Here’s 25 happy songs to wish you a very, happy weekend! XO

P.S. Happiest Birthdays to my little sister Grace (14) and little brother Zac (11)! Love you two!


Whoopie Pies Please

It’s almost midnight as I’m writing this, but I can’t sleep now…I’m up scouring the internet for the perfect Mennonite Whoppie Pie Recipe. You see, after looking through some of our New York photos, I was reminded of the most glorious desserts I’ve ever tasted: real, authentic whoopie pies from the farmer’s market. My mouth is seriously watering right now.

Since I’m awake, I’ll push my bedtime back just a few more minutes and share a few of our photos from the farmer’s market (plus our gorgeous drive up there). I will probably never get over all that gorgeous green. I lingered over the fresh cherries and flowers and Ellie and Grandma Zurcher chased puppies and petted the horses parked with their buggies.

Oh, and as soon as I find that perfect whoopie pie recipe, you will be the first to know. Well, if they last long enough for a good pictures. I have a feeling they’re going to be gobbled up in a flash!

upstate new york

^^ This drive. That view. Absolute perfection. ^^

upstate new york

^^ Darling old church building. ^^

horse and buggy

^^ The cutest family of Mennonites I ever did see. ^^

turquoise door

^^ Pretty, please can I have that door? ^^

fresh flowerscherriesmason jar vase of flowers

^^ Fresh fruit and flowers, oh my! ^^

whoopie pieswhoopie pies

^^ It was all I could do to share that last half with Ellie. So. Dang. Good. ^^

grandma and ellie

^^ Chasing dogs with Grandma ^^

upstate new york

^^ Little, old pizza place. Wished we would have stopped in, sometimes those old, inconspicuous restaurants have the best food! ^^

charming american house

^^ This house? Yes, I’ll take it and all it’s charm, please. ^^


Favorite Free Fonts | Part Three

Yes siree, I’ve got more favorite (and free!) fonts for you to add to your collection. Here’s the last part to this favorite fonts series. I’ve loved sharing some of my favorites with you! You can find part one here and part two here. If I missed one of your favorites, let me know below. Enjoy!

favorite free fonts from alexa zurcher

rainbow mansion | minya nouvelle | impact | kenzo | sunshine in my soul | miserably lose
howser | smiley monster | janda manatee solid


Life in black and white


^^ We hit up the zoo this weekend and Ellie was enthralled by the elephants. And monkeys! And snakes, oh my! ^^


^^ Sometimes life calls for ice cream cones in the middle of the afternoon, am I right? ;) ^^


^^ Running through the sprinklers with daddy ^^


^^ This girl is suddenly ten times more talkative, ten times more silly, and ten times more cute. ^^


^^ We ran a 5k! An actual 5k! I’ve been running only three times in the last three years, so this was a big deal…for me ;) Brian and I finished in 30:51, not too shabby. I collapsed on the grass afterwards, he looked like he could run it again. Also, all the little children look thrilled, ha! ^^


^^ We’ve been taking a quick family photo on Sunday mornings before church. Ellie’s getting the crazy faces down ;) ^^


^^ This girl. What would we do without her? ^^