Snow Day!


Last weekend...err...two weekends ago, we ventured out into the SNOW! Yes, actually outside and not in our typical spot by the window where it's warm. ;) Ha! My family was in town for the Provo Temple Open House and boy oh boy was it GORGEOUS! Ellie was in awe and Addie loved looking at all the lights! Of course, we ended the afternoon with warm breadsticks from Olive Garden. And after being out in the cold, those buttery, garlic-y breadsticks were a welcomed sight! (Our waiter came back a few minutes after our first batch of breadsticks completely in awe that we had already eaten them all. Ha!)

Ellie and Grace. Also, my grandma knitted that beanie and Ellie wore it all weekend long! 

Look at Ellie's cold, bare legs! I cannot get this girl to wear tights, or leggings, or even socks with her dresses. Ha! 

Thank you security guard for the family photo! Also, not quite sure what the girl behind us is taking a picture of?? Ha!

A beautiful sight! The tour of the temple is free to the public and open until March 20! Find tickets here. XO

Ellie Says, no. 2


I keep a note on my phone of all the funny things that Ellie says. This girl, man she keeps us laughing, that's for sure! Here's a few of the comments she has made as of late: 

-"I don't want bones in my hair!" (buns)

-"I think I need a bath because my hair is ca-ray-zyyy.......and I tooted."

-While shopping for groceries: "Can we get shusi?"

-"So after we die, Jesus drives in his car to come get us?"

-"Sometimes mommy says no, but then I ask daddy and he says yes."

-When apologizing for being naughty "I'm sorry you were grumpy earlier."

-"If I put the phone over the potty it might fall in and go down to the dinosaurs?"

-"Sometimes people go down the potty."

-When I didn't let her scrub the toilets "That's not your chore, that's MY chore!" 

-And my favorite one of all..."I don't want to be three! I want to be fourteen!"  (insert all the laughing tears emojis here. Haha!) 

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