Welcome Home Spenc!


After exactly TWO years, my little brother Spenc came home from serving an LDS mission in Calgary, Canada. Insert squealing here!! (You can see photos of his farewell here and here. Ellie was soooo little!) To say we were excited was an absolute understatement! After only talking to him via emails and letters, and skyping with him on Mother’s Day and Christmas, this day was long awaited. We were pretty much freaking out all week long. :)


His flight didn’t arrive until 11 o’clock that night (how we managed to stay busy all day is beyond me). We adorned the house with banners and posters (all thanks to my mom, gramma, & Erin’s creative talent!) And Ellie got a sign to hold for Uncle Spenc, too! She was super excited for him to come home, though she didn’t remember him since he left when she was eight months old. We had been talking about him a lot the past month and she loved to mention him during her prayers. One morning, while I was saying the breakfast prayer, her eyes opened up wide as she tapped my arm and whispered “Don’t forget to bless Uncle Spenc!”

Due to his late flight, the lighting in the airport was terrible. Ha! :) But these next series of photos of Spencer running to my mom are priceless (even if they are a little blurry!) He and the elder he was flying with booked it off the plane and sprinted straight to their mamas! Best moment ever!

First family photo with all of us in two years! Ellie was a little scared at this point. The shrieking and clapping freaked her out and she couldn’t quite understand that Uncle Spenc was not a “scary guy.” Yes, that’s what she called him for the first few days. Ha! ;)


I couldn’t quite get everyone in the photo with my lens, but there was a large crowd welcoming home Elder Call!

One happy mama and son! Ellie just hung onto Erin for the whole evening, trusting she would keep her safe from “the scary guy.”

Zac was Spencer’s last mission companion before Spenc was officially released the next morning. He wore Spencer’s extra name tag and did his hair like Spenc, too!

On Sunday, we hosted a little get together in the afternoon in the backyard with family and friends. It was a super stormy day, but we kept praying that it wouldn’t rain on us from 2-6. The skies were super cloudy and dark but, hello miracle! No rain until about 6:15! Prayers were answered! Also, those missionary project life cards made for the perfect banner! (Again, my genius mother’s idea!) 

We were also formally introduced to ketchup chips. I love ketchup and I love chips, but I think I’ll stay far away from these and eat the chocolate bars Spenc brought home instead. ;) Ha! We sure love having this boy back home (and his slight Canadian accent too, eh!)
P.S. If you made it to the end of this very long post, feel free to congratulate yourself with a pat on the back! ;) XO!

Father’s Day Dessert and Printables!


I am so excited to share these hand lettered Father's Day printables and dessert idea with you today! This post been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. As always, all opinions are my own. #ShareYourSummer

Fathers Day Printables 1

As mentioned before here on the blog, my husband is a HUGE Coke fan. Our house is typically stocked with some kind of Coke product - typically Coke Zero. Though we usually keep in all the way in the basement, you know to make sure that you really want it before hiking down the stairs and braving the mess, there's a good amount that ends up next to us during baseball games and late night Netflix watching. Hence, when brainstorming for upcoming Father's Day ideas, Coke made the list. ;)

Fathers Day Free Printables and Coke Floats (17)Fathers Day Free Printables and Coke Floats (4) - Copy

Now, maybe I've been living under a rock, but I've never had a Coke float before! According to my husband, they're pretty darn amazing, so dessert for Father's Day? Check! Of course, we had to try it out first and it proved to be pretty darn delicious. Especially with the extra hint of lime! 

Fathers Day Free Printables and Coke Floats (19) - CopyFathers Day Free Printables and Coke Floats (9) - Copy
Fathers Day Free Printables and Coke Floats (16)

This "recipe" is pretty self explanatory, but if you need a grocery list here it is:

-Your choice of Coke, though I recommend a personalized bottle! 
(Walmart has the best & most organized selection and you can find your name here!) 
-Vanilla Ice Cream
-Sliced Limes

Squeezing a little bit of lime juice in the float gives us that extra zing! I love my floats more ice cream-y vs soda, but Brian is the total opposite. Bring on the Coke, he says! 

(For more summer fun and to share your ideas, check out this hub here)

Fathers Day Free Printables and Coke Floats (8) - CopyFathers Day Free Printables and Coke Floats (20) - CopyFathers Day Free Printables and Coke Floats (21) - Copy

This year Brian's birthday isn't on the same day as Father's Day, so I don't have to combine my decorations like I did last year! I put together a few hand lettered posters and cards that you can download too! Ellie loved helping me fill out the "We Love Dad" poster, and drawing a few "scary monsters" on it as well. Two year olds. ;)  You can download the posters and cards below. Please remember that they are for personal use only. Thanks!



My sister, Erin's, graduation was the first of the crazy events happening last week! We celebrated this darling girl in the yellow dress all day long. Graduation ceremonies (always longer than I remember ;), family dinners, and darling decor from my darling mother. So excited for Erin and all her upcoming adventures! (like a three week trip to three different countries in Europe. These younger children get away with so much more than I ever did. ;) Ha!) 

Erin's Graduation (3)Erin's Graduation (11)IMG_0418Erin's Graduation (9)IMG_0451Erin's Graduation (6)IMG_0485 Erin's Graduation (10)IMG_0512 IMG_0513  Erin's Graduation (64) Erin's Graduation (62)Erin's Graduation (75) Erin's Graduation (78) Erin's Graduation (86)     Erin's Graduation (71)Erin's Graduation (82) Erin's Graduation (4)
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