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New Mom Must Have for Nighttime Feedings

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If you've ever had to change a few diapers after nighttime feedings, you know how nice it is (read: saves your sanity) to have everything within arms reach. No one that's sleep deprived wants to wander around a dark house looking for wipes!

Right before Lucy was born, I moved my nightstand and replaced it with this rolling cart instead. It's been a lifesaver - both during middle of the night feedings and during the day! It rolls around the house, has plenty of storage space, and I love that it has a lip, so I can't knock anything off of it (I'm speaking from experience here, I'm always knocking my water off my nightstand, haha)! When she moves into her own room, the cart will go there, too. Of course, I've loaded it with all the essentials, see below! P.S. This would make for a really cute baby shower gift! Doesn't have to be in a big rolling cart, even a little basket would be perfect!

1. On the bottom shelf, I keep a few extra blankets. While most of her blankets are stored in the nursery, it's nice to have a few in an secondary spot as well. Especially when my other girls steal Lucy's. :)

2. The middle shelf is loaded up with diapers, wipes, and burp cloths (Or as Ellie calls them "barf cloths" ha!). I can easily reach them all from my bed at night in the dark. So handy! The girls also know where they are, so they can be my "big helpers" and grab diapers and wipes.

3. The top shelf holds all the little essentials that I use frequently during the day and at night. I typically have a big water bottle, a granola bar, lotion, hand sanitizer, and my phone. I've also started to pump and we're working on getting Miss Lucy Lou used to taking a bottle here and there when I'm not home. The top shelf works as the perfect place to perch the bottle while burping. These NUK Simply Natural Bottles that I found at Target are AMAZING, I love the look and feel. They're designed to feel just like mom, so they are perfect for breastfeeding babies transitioning or switching back and forth to a bottle. Plus, they're super easy to clean, too!

Other ideas to have for middle of the night feedings: the remote. ;) I seriously have to turn on the TV sometimes just to keep myself awake! Seinfeld has been my go-to show as of late, haha. Any other recommendations are welcome! :)

You can find the NUK Simply Natural bottles at Target and follow and interact with NUK social channels for potential offers and giveaways, especially for Simply Natural September! XO


2 cars, 3 days, 10 people, and endless fun. 

We spontaneously headed to California with my family for a quick weekend back in July. (Brian was on a work trip and missed our spur of the moment trip!) I had been wishing I could hit up the beach before baby sis came and lo and behold, it happened! The girls had SO much fun at the beach. They have salt water running through their veins. :) We had all my siblings together, ate Noah's Bagels (our favorite bagels, ever), soaked up the sunshine, didn't overheat in our air bnb (thanks to the costco fan my mom bought!) and seriously, had the best time. Already gearing up for next summer - we'll add three more people - Brian, Lucy, and another Spencer + Monica's baby!  

Welcome to the World!

Lucy Jane
Born August 13, 2017
at 10:19 am
6lbs 14 oz - 20 inches long

We are all positively smitten. She brings heaven into our home!

Baby Registry Must Haves

So, you're having a baby! YAY! If you're anything like me when expecting, that pregnancy brain is in full force. Oh so forgetful! So if you are drawing a blank, or forgetting the last few things to add to your Baby Registry, never fear! We've got you covered. Here's a few of our absolute tried and true favorites, along with some new, highly recommended products we're trying out with this baby! Want to read later? Pin the picture above and check back when you're ready. :)

------------------------Baby Registry Must Haves----------------------------

I've heard SO many good things about the DockATot and I'm so excited to try it out. I always ended up co-sleeping with Ellie and Addie, so a DockATot is a dream come true - it's breathable and I can't roll over it! It's also super portable - so if you're planning on having your baby in bed with you (or even just need a place for naps or playtime) or need something easy for travel - add this to your registry! 

I LOVED carrying my first two babies in a wrap, and this blush pink one was just calling my name! It's so helpful to have a wrap so you have two hands available and the LILLEbaby wraps and carriers come in so many different colors and patterns. 

This is something I wish I had with Ellie and Addie. The car seats take up SO much room in the grocery carts, it's like a tetris game trying to fit in all the groceries and random things I find at Target. :) This hammock looks darling, holds your car seat or baby, fits into most carts, and would make a perfect baby shower gift! 

Let's face it, after pushing out a baby, you may not feel super glamorous, especially in that hideous 1990's hospital gown they have you wear. ;) These gowns (and pjs! and robes!) from Baby Be Mine Maternity are ADORABLE and are bound to make you feel like a million bucks! Plus, they have matching baby nightgowns, too! :) 

Yes, I said washable! A mother's dream come true. All the lovely bodily fluids and crumbs and messes that come with having kids can now be washed right out at home! I love this alphabet rug. 

I don't know about you, but when it comes to swaddling, I'm really not the best. I mean, I've had two kids for heaven sakes, and yet I can't wrap it well enough to last snug through the night. Enter the Ollie Swaddle. Makes swaddling a breeze and you can change a diaper without unswaddling (yes!) 

I picked this tub up after several recommendations from friends. It's sleek and fits perfectly in our sink - and I don't have to bend over the tub for bath time now!

So great for nursing or using as a lounger. I've used mine with both of my girls and I've loved it! I also got this peach print cover from Captain Silly Pants. I love the pattern (but i might be a little biased since I designed it :) 


And other registry ideas: a car seat and stroller (we love our city select double stroller and chico carseat). And of course, burp cloths, pacifiers, and outfits. Can't forget a few cute outfits! 
What do you wish you had added to your baby registry? 

Preschool Alphabet Learning Games

Once upon a time our summer vacation was jam packed busy and forward to now. We're anxiously awaiting baby, the 110 weather has us staying inside most days, and we're looking for every opportunity to turn off the TV and kill the summer boredom. ;) 

Enter, Miss Doree

Miss Doree was Ellie's preschool teacher last year. She ADORES the kids she teaches and loves to help them learn. She's made so many different teaching tools over the years - and the kids love them. We've been playing the Alphabet Sorts and Alphabet Game file folders during Addie's nap time, and I've never seen Ellie so excited to play an educational, learning game! ;) 

The games are perfect for practicing phonemic awareness. As you play both games, you get to practice hearing the beginning sound of each of the picture cards, and then get to sort it with the correct letter. We took turns picking up cards and sounding it out. During the Alphabet Game, Ellie seriously beats me every time! 

The preschool alphabet file folder games are available as a printable download in Miss Doree's Teacher Pay Teachers shop! (Alphabet Sorts & Alphabet Game) She also has other amazing products - like FREE letter review sheets and Beginning Reader Books

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